Portrait of Leo, an Engineering Student Specializing in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Discover the journey and advice of a young Data Engineer passionate about the impact of data science on medicine.

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Introduction to Leo

Hello everyone! My name is Leo, and I'm 23 years old. I'm passionate about everything related to data science, particularly its application in the field of medicine.


I started with a degree in Statistics and Decision Support Systems (DUT), followed by three years of study in statistical engineering. Currently, I'm pursuing a degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at ESIEA, an engineering school accredited by CTI.

Current Education

I'm enrolled in an apprenticeship program at ESIEA, which is a five-year engineering curriculum. This program is accessible after completing preparatory classes, a BTS, a DUT, or a bachelor's degree. As an apprentice, my tuition fees are covered by the company I work for.

Role as a Data Engineer

I work as a Data Engineer in a company. I greatly enjoy this profession because it plays a central role in data projects. My work involves understanding the data, modeling it, building infrastructure to retrieve it, and ultimately automating the entire process. There's never just one way to do things!

Typical Day

My daily routine varies depending on whether I'm in class or at work. I might spend a day working on Networking or Cryptography practicals, or I could be deploying a data pipeline in the corporate environment.

Technologies Used

On a daily basis, I primarily use the Python language, followed by R (commonly used by statisticians) as part of my apprenticeship. I also use Docker/Kubernetes to containerize certain applications, such as deploying a production model. Finally, I work with Google Cloud Platform.

Advice for Future Data Scientists and Data Engineers

  • For those interested in working in the field of data, I recommend persevering, as competition can be tough without the right profile.
  • Aspiring Data Scientists should focus on strengthening their mathematical foundations.
  • Those aiming for a Data Engineer role should strive for versatility: proficiency in operating systems, data modeling, programming... being able to do it all is key!

I highly recommend the Statquest YouTube channel: Statquest

Non-tech Interests

Outside of technology, I have a deep interest in mathematics and medicine.

Social Media

You can primarily find me on Twitter: @xtlxnta

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