Mukana Muheta

Jossar Mukana Muheta

$50 / month

France 🇫🇷


full-stack developer Vuejs/Nodejsat NW

As a Freelance Developer since 2019, I have honed my expertise in JavaScript, with a primary focus on Vue.js and Node.js. My professional journey has led me to provide valuable support to startups and SMEs in crafting their web applications and websites. I have a substantial track record of developing web applications for a diverse range of businesses, including those in the automotive, organic cosmetics, and charitable sectors, such as the Telethon association. I possess a Fullstack profile with a specialization in Vue.js and Nuxt for front-end development and Node.js for backend development.


  • Up to 4 calls per month

  • 1 call is 30 min

  • Unlimited chat on the platform

  • No hidden costs, you pay $50