Portrait of Adrien, software engineer and mentor on Avocado growth

Today we're talking to Adrien, Software Engineer and mentor on Avocado growth

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Hello, Adrien, could you introduce yourself briefly?

Hello! I'm 33 years old, I live in Deux-Sèvres, and I've been a software engineer for almost a year now.

What is your background? (Education, training/previous jobs)

Back then, I lived in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, in a small neighborhood, and when I was 18, I pursued a Vocational Baccalaureate (lathe/milling) that I didn't pass because I didn't enjoy it. I then worked at McDonald's for four years, where I held positions as a versatile team member, trainer, and manager. Later, I went to Lidl for a few months as a cashier manager, and needless to say, it wasn't exciting...

I left that job to join my partner in La Rochelle. I took the opportunity to get my driver's license and did various odd jobs like dishwashing, waste sorting, etc. I eventually found a one-year fixed-term contract as a customer advisor at Engie (a gas and electricity supplier), and then I landed a permanent position at Burger King as a Manager (back to my roots 😆). After two years there, I got tired of it. The salary was low, and the hours were exhausting. So, I decided to make a career change and improve my quality of life! I started by brushing up on general subjects (French, math, English), and at the same time, I was searching for a new career.

Since I'm interested in new technologies, I explored this field, and step by step, I stumbled upon the role of a developer! I began self-learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, then managed to get into a school for a 2-year program in Web and Mobile Web development. Everything started falling into place! During that year, I did an internship at Infotel (an IT services company), and they offered me an apprenticeship for a 4-year program! The following year, they proposed that I continue with a 5-year program. Now, I have a Master's degree (BAC + 5) even though I initially didn't even pass the vocational baccalaureate. Enjoy!

Your current job, what are your exact tasks?

At Maif, I work on the claims section, specifically on the claims declaration. Basically, when you call your insurer to report a car accident or water damage, that's the claims declaration part. I do maintenance and development on several APIs using Java Spring Boot, as well as front-end work with React JS. In addition to development, I also have design tasks (creating diagrams, mock-ups, etc.), functional and technical specifications, documentation, and I've started working on an internal component library.

What do you like most about your web dev job?

In this job, I obviously enjoy coding. I derive great satisfaction from successfully completing a development task or fixing a challenging bug! I appreciate the freedom and autonomy! There's no one breathing down my neck, I can work from anywhere in the company (office, couch, open space, etc.), and I have 2 to 3 days of telecommuting at home (I'm much more productive at home). I enjoy learning every day! When I finish my workday, I've learned something new, and that's incredible! I've truly gained a lot in terms of quality of life since I started this job!

What bothers you the most in this job?

To be honest, not much. I've struggled enough with difficult jobs...

What does a typical day with Adrien look like?

In the morning, I wake up around 7:30! I get ready and have a good breakfast (need to fuel up). I head to work around 8:30 and arrive at 9 am. At 9:15, we have the daily stand-up, and then I have coffee with colleagues! I work on tasks until noon. Then, it's lunchtime! I often go to the company restaurant, a bakery, or a friendly and affordable small restaurant. After a good meal, I play a bit of Smash Bros with colleagues and then get back to work until 5:30 pm. I return home, work on my projects a bit or tend to my garden, have dinner, geek out (networks, Netflix, games, etc.), and go to bed around 10 pm.

What technologies do you use on a daily basis?

On the backend, I use Java (11, 17), Spring Boot (2, 3), Maven, Vavr, Mapstruct, Junit, Mockito, Tomcat... For the frontend: Javascript/Typescript, HTML, CSS/SCSS, React JS, Webpack, MUI, and various libraries. For databases: MySQL, Oracle (PL/SQL), MongoDB, Postgre.

Any advice for those who want to pursue the same web dev career as you?

You need to be motivated, work on personal projects (nothing beats that for skill improvement), be curious, independent, and enjoy learning! Learn the languages that will help you find a job easily. If you don't enjoy coding, reconsider! It's not just a job to make ends meet. One last piece of advice: unfortunately, degrees matter! Especially when it comes to salary.

Why did you decide to become a mentor on Avocado Growth?

I decided to be a mentor on Avocado for two reasons: Firstly, I enjoy helping people and sharing my knowledge. It will also allow me to learn a lot of things. When you see people evolve and you've been part of that growth, it's really satisfying! Secondly, and not surprisingly: Generating an additional source of income. I don't rely solely on love and fresh air, unlike my buddies, the Care Bears, who pay their bills with honey! 😄

A resource to recommend? (Book, website, podcast...)


  • Pierre Giraud (html, CSS, javascript)
  • Lior Chamla (Php, React js)
  • Grafikart (everything!)
  • Graven (Java, Android, Python)
  • Online tutorials (design CSS, JS)
  • One Skill PowerPoint, very useful for creating quality presentations
  • La minute agile (Agility)
  • Code with Ania Kubow (JS)
  • Algomius (very technical)
  • Micode
  • Hardcoders (Anthony Welc) (JS)
  • Melvyn (JS/ React/ Next)
  • Benjamin Code (CSS/ JS)
  • Cocadmin
  • David Silvera (mobile dev)


  • Clean Code, Robert C. Martin


  • Stack Overflow (the basics)

Besides coding, what are your hobbies?

My hobbies include video games, cinema, soccer, and traveling.

Where can people find you on social media?

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